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Narrow Aisle Lift Trucks & Forklifts

When you have a heavy load to haul, you need the right tools to get the job done quickly and safely. Our company has the tools you need. We are the official dealer of Aisle Master forklifts and lift trucks in Ontario.

Aisle Master is a premiere narrow aisle forklift that can help you manage loads in even the smallest spaces. It doesn't matter if you are working in a small warehouse, or you need to get heavy stock out of a nook or cranny of your space. You can expertly maneuver with these narrow aisle forklifts so that you can get what you need easily and you don't have worry about damaging your warehouse walls, shelves or the stock itself.

With a narrow aisle lift truck, you also help to ensure the safety of your workers. You don't have to worry about a large lift truck backing into a shelf and knocking boxes and stock onto workers. The smaller forklift is also easier to manage, so there is less possibility for error, which can lead to safety issues.

Finally, very narrow aisle lift trucks can help you make more of the space you have. Since you can maneuver in smaller spaces with these lift trucks, you can stack your boxes and other stock closer together. You don't have to leave open such wide aisles, creating wasted floor space. You can take advantage of every last square inch of your warehouse space and turn more of your staging area into racking.

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The Aisle Master

The Aisle Master is one of the best and most effective narrow aisle fork lifts on the market. We offer a variety of models at the price you need. Explore our site to learn more about our selection, and contact us today to get the narrow aisle fork lift you need to start making your warehouse a safer place.

To date, efficient operation of any manufacturing enterprise or warehousing facility depends greatly on quick shipment of goods to customers and prompt delivery of materials to the manufacturing block. It is clear that any company just cannot do without proper handling equipment. Aisle Master is a company specializing on narrow aisle lift trucks production that are designed to replace manual handling operations completely. This technology is an economical way to increase the capacity of the warehouse and reduce storage costs significantly without costly reconstruction.

Successful development of the Aisle Master brand is based on progressive technical and design solutions that are created not for the sake of participation in the technological race, but for maximization of forklifts effectiveness and full implementation of their storage functions in very narrow aisle facilities without compromising on the simplicity and easiness of operation and control.

To date, narrow aisle forklifts are a key decision in the field of storage. AisleMaster company has created a line of up-to-date handling equipment to facilitate the work with heavy loads in limited-area warehousing or manufacturing facilities, which features are ergonomics, reliability and efficient stacking of goods at high altitude. New models are equipped with a system, which automatically optimizes speed, controls acceleration and deceleration depending on the lifting height to ensure safe and efficient handling of goods. Advanced solutions for energy recovery are integrated in narrow aisle lift truck AC motors to increase the operation time on one charge battery cycle.

Because of these technical solutions, our forklifts have a number of significant functional advantages over all other types of warehousing equipment (conventional counterbalanced forklifts, reach trucks, narrow aisle stacker), which can be effectively used for organization of warehousing operation basing on new principles and combining efficiency, safety and productivity at the same time!

Narrow aisle forklift is a great choice to replace existing combi-stackers and is an excellent solution for various warehouse operations. A wide selection of different models of forklifts means that there will always be the correct model for your storage system.

Improve The Organization of Your Warehouse Operations

Increase the range and quantity of goods stored in the warehouse by increasing the usable area of the warehouse.
Reduce the number of required storage technology due to more rational moving of goods in stock.
Ensure high level of working conditions and safety for the staff.
Ensure high level of goods, racks and floor protection against possible damaging.
Save on costs needed for construction of a new warehouse or reconstruction of existing facility by eliminating the need of significant investment in perfectly smooth floor, laying rails or wire guides.
Save on storage costs (utilities and rent payments) due to the possibility of using less storage space to store the same amount of cargo.
Save on maintenance and repairs.

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